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We guarantee that we can rank your website locally on the first page of Google for 10% of your targeted keywords in 75 Days, if we fail to do so we will work for free till we achieve it.

Features of our Local SEO Services: The In-depth Planning Tools

The best local SEO company in India, the Seal The Deals is here to look at what you will need.


Content is a piece of any SEO effort that’s important and in the budget. We will create online written material to build the Google local SEO to put you on high-rank.


With Google Maps Marketing, we will approach the targeted local audience. We will get the high-rankings on affordable rates.


We will ensure the name, address, telephone number, and site are in local citations record to improve nearby positioning. Our specialists will assemble top-notch references for your business.


We will get your reviews to process your ranking in the Local SEO. We will enable you to gain reviews for your items or administrations.


We will amplify the ROI with our social media channelizing to help your Local SEO efforts.


We will process the advanced optimization skills for our customers as the specific part to your on-page SEO and afterward, focus on the off-page SEO.

Local SEO Company: Reasonable and Result Provoking

Get Targeted Audience: Get Leads, Sales, Local Cities Reach

Why Choose Us for Local SEO Services

We offer best yet affordable local SEO services. Our Google local SEO ensures great ROI for you.

Best Local SEO Company

Featured on the top industry websites, Seal The Deals is the best local SEO company in India.

Experienced Team

Our local SEO experts have worked with diverse industries. They will offer you customized solutions based on your needs.

Affordable Local SEO Packages

Targeting locals should not cost you a fortune. Seal The Deals offers affordable local SEO packages.

Detailed Work Report

We believe in full transparency. Seal The Deals offers weekly/monthly detailed work report.

Assurance of Quality

We have worked with more than 3000 global clients. You can rest assured for the quality.

Dedicated Project Manager

Quick communication is important for the success of a project. We will assign you a project manager for swift communication.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our pricing is upon the size and complex nature of a project offered. We analyze and then propose a cost to you. Mostly, we charge per project. Though, we are adaptable to get paid hourly also.

Indeed, communication is the way to a profitable business relationship, and we tail it to the basics. We provide a project manager to each of our projects and then using Skype/email/talk/telephone the communication is in process.

We trust in doing the assigned work. Our past/existing customers referred to our new customers. In case, you choose to go separate ways; you will get access to all records and profiles within the speculated time.

Yes, we will consent to because we know that your rivals are following you confidently. We never unveil data to the outsider except if we are told to do as such by you. Whenever required, we are prepared to sign your designed NDA.

Customer satisfaction is undeniable virtue with the companies, and we have it to the core. We will analyze your site take notes of change to process performance markers. After the given time, you can review our work to performance for your website.

There are no magic wands available online. Everything takes patience and time to rise. We will investigate the present level of your business and give you a said time to see positive outcomes You will almost certainly observe positive results following 3-4 months better in following the 5-year planning.

Google decides the positioning dependent on pertinence, content quality, and targeted audience distance. We have certain tasks that we will do to get your business on the top. To some examples, we will make changes in Google My Business, and take reviews.

Let’s just say that you own a tea shop and you make the best tea in the locality. And you come across the idea of expansion. Then, we will make that expansion possible with specific SEO processes and ideas.

The principle contrast between these is that local search has a topographical touch of work and organic search has nothing to do with locations.

This service is the expansion of perceivability for organizations that expect to sell their items or administrations locally. Brands for supermarkets, housekeeping, or some other serving business target people from nearby areas to buy their products or services. We enable these brands to achieve their interest groups through Local SEO.